In Korean, banchan refers to the side dishes served with any meal. “Banchan” is an array of ceramic vessels meant for use in any form: side dishes, dessert plates, bowls, etc. Stacked, they form a sculptural object, but when deconstructed, their purpose is to serve. Each set—and thus, each sculpture—is unique.

Series 05

8 Sets ︎

Series 04

Series 03

10 Sets ︎

Series 02

Series 01


Treasure Box

Inspired by the kōdō ceremonies in Japan, the pūjā rituals of Hinduism, and the limitless imagination of childhood, “Treasure Box” is part secret-keeper, part incense-burner, and part mind-expander. Experiment with the alignment of its components—form ley lines in microcosm, store something precious or mundane, utilize it as inspiration guides or hide it away on a shelf and let its mystery grow. Available in two colorways; Bubble gum and Mint.

Bubble gum



Pinky Series

The namesake Pinky comes from our late, beloved dog of 17 years. In this series we bring you pet objects created with the love and care that we would have wanted Pinky to have herself. Newest to the series are our pet beds, Lil Bed and Big Bed. We’ve also created pet bowls, available in three sizes; Small, Medium and Large.

Lil Bed

Big Bed

Small Bowl

Medium Bowl

Large Bowl



Individual vessels and other pieces made between working on our primary product lines — whether through experimenting with different techniques, or utlizing leftover clay so as to limit any waste. Sometimes for sale, sometimes not!

“Medium Fire”